Chase Allen gearing up for busy season in 2022

By Phil Whipple, Staff Writer. Photo By: Stacy Kolar/Southern Sass

MIDLOTHIAN, Texas — Most racers have all they can do to maintain one car, balancing their racing programs with work and family as best they can. Add three more cars to the fleet, a growing business and several side projects, and you’ve got a full plate nearly every single day.

For 35-year-old veteran driver Chase Allen, competing in three different divisions will keep him busy in 2022. Yet he’ll enjoy every minute of it. This second-generation racer is usually wide open from dawn until dusk, working at his Wacker-Neuson of DFW office, in his race shop, or out on the road.

“I’m always pretty busy, but the business is growing and our racing program seems to be, as well,” Allen said. “I have three cars of my own; an Outlaw Late Model, a Crate Late Model and the Modified.  And we have a Street Stock here that belongs to Charles Meleveney. I had fun driving for him in 2021.

“We don’t do a whole lot of Super Late Model racing, it’s getting pretty expensive. But we run the Crate a lot, and of course the Modified, and when I run that Street Stock, my Dad gets excited because that’s where he started back in the day. It’s a ton of work, but we always have a good time at the tracks.”

Allen enjoyed a strong season in 2021, splitting his time between those four competitive divisions.

“We picked up nine wins last year overall, with 19 top-five and 23 top-10 finishes in 43 starts,” he added. “I didn’t race as much as I would have liked due to business and my kid’s sport games. We work hard all week so we can be more competitive when we do go racing. But overall last year was solid.”

Since he started in racing in 2004, Allen has a title and several major wins to his credit.

“I won the first points championship when the DFW Local Late Model Series was first conceived,” he explained. “I’ve had some big years, like in 2017 when I won 25 races in 68 starts. I’ve won a $10,000-to-win feature and a couple of $5000-to-win races. So I’ve been pretty fortunate in the big shows.”

When Allen suits up, grabs his helmet and gets ready to compete on any given race night, he climbs into some very impressive equipment.

“We have two Black Diamond cars here; my open-motor Outlaw Late Model and the Crate Late Model that Dustin Woods owns were both built down in Shreveport. They both have Shipley Racing Engines in them, including the open motor we just had rebuilt here recently after we spun a bearing.

“I have nothing but good things to say about Black Diamond and Shipley engines, they’re some of the best on the market. My Outlaw is a new chassis, Dustin’s Crate chassis has a few years on it. The Modified is an IRP car and is a first-class build. I’m fortunate to have some excellent race cars here.”

Allen is very well-versed on the current status of Late Model racing in the Great State of Texas. With active programs in Open and Crate engine-style action, he can speak with authority on the subject.

“I think Dustin Daniel is going to do a great job with the American Crate Late Model Series this year,” he said. “He has the racers in mind and is headed in the right direction. And the new owners of the Late Model tour in South Texas have the resources they need.

“They’re wisely keeping Kody Hardage involved to run it this year; then he’ll train a new Race Director next year and be able to just race himself starting in 2024. Overall, I’d have to say Late Model racing is pretty healthy here in Texas.”

Along with top-notch equipment, years of experience and those finely-tuned skills behind the wheel, Allen also has a few key people working behind the scenes to ensure his program stays successful.

“I need to thank my wife, who supports my racing 100 percent of the time,” he explained. “I also want to thank IRP by Circle A, and Shipley Racing Engines. They both build first-class equipment. I need to thank all of my valued sponsors, including RealTree Hunting Properties by Mellissa Gorham; Allen Concessions, AY Equipment Sales & Service; and Brandon McKenzie Motorsports.

“I also want to thank Dave Leech Construction, Kylar Smith at Twisted iPhone; Tom Lorenz at Smileys Racing Products; Billy Vest and Dennis Bissonette at Dirt Defender; Dennis DeWeerd at Ellis County BBQ; Heath Nestrick at Texas Racing Specialties; Tom Earl III at Contractor Support Group; Joel Smith at Close Racing Supply; Megan Cain Smith and Phillip Smith at The Parker Lee Project; Frank Simonetti at Swift Springs; Jake Upchurch at C&P Pump; Jacob Pirkle at Undercover Shocks; Chris David at RaceON; Jason Ingalls at IRP Race Cars and Jeff Moore at FiveOneSeven Designs.”

With the 2022 season about to kick off in earnest across most of Texas, Allen is gearing up for wins.

“I don’t chase points, I can’t be locked into racing at just one track,” he concluded. “Our goal is to race as much as possible, run up front and win as many as possible. My dream has always been to compete in the Dream at Eldora; if we can’t do it this year then maybe next year. We’re just out there doing our very best.”