Day Motor Sports Driver Profile: Boone Evans turning into versatile, skilled racer

BULLARD, Texas — With most young drivers, there is one division that best showcases their talents. Whether it happens to be in open-wheel, a Stock car, Late Model, or a even a Sprint car, there’s usually one specific type of vehicle that suits their driving style and produces the best overall results. 

Yet for 23-year-old second generation racer Boone Evans, it really doesn’t matter what type of car he’s in, or what track he’s on, for that matter. Evans is wheeling two and sometimes three different rides in 2024, with four wins, 10 top-five and 16 top-10 finishes to his credit thus far in 34 starts. 

“It’s really just the result of an amazing group of people behind me,” the modest young racer said. “Guys like David Hood, and Gregory Muirhead, they’ve been a huge help to me. Last Friday we went to Arrowhead with three cars; then Saturday we went to Tri-State Speedway, and I ran three cars there. 

“On Sunday, we took just the B-Mod down to Boothill in Louisiana and won the feature. Running three cars shows me how a track is changing throughout the night, but it’s exhausting. I have some great cars to drive, and lots of good people providing me with guidance. That’s why I feel we do so well.”  

Now in his 11th year of racing full-size cars, Evans comes by his love for oval racing naturally. 

“My Dad raced for 25 years, and won a lot of races all over the place,” he explained. “So I kind of had big shoes to fill, yet there were no expectations placed on me. I put enough pressure on myself to do well, anyway. My Dad was pretty good, so I’m just trying to carry on that family tradition of winning.

“I got into Karts at age 9, but started driving full-size cars when I was 12 years old. I’ve driven just about everything there is out there, and enjoyed them all. I love a Stock Car, and a B-Mod, of course, but I’m starting to really love this Modified I’m driving. I still have a lot to learn with it, however.” 

When Evans puts on his safety suit and gets ready to race, he straps into a potent, well-built machine. 

“This Modified I’m driving is a 2023 CDR chassis from Cade Dillard,” he explained. “He’s been super helpful helping me learn the car, which really helps. I’m still getting used to this car; there’s a ton you can do with the setup and I’m learning how it will react. Plus, I’m still just learning how to drive it. 

“It’s powered by a 415 cubic inch Mullins Racing Engine that make roughly 700 horsepower. It’s got plenty of power, and it got us into a USMTS A Main before. This chassis/engine combination is about as much as I could ever ask. The car and motor are both world class, it’s the driver that needs work.” 

Along with his decade-plus of experience and top-notch race cars, Evans also has a ton of support. 

“There are a lot of people I need to thank for their help, including Travis and Dana Evans; Gregory Muirhead at Muirhead Motorsports; David Hood, Landrum Performance Springs, Bilstein Shocks, Four Seasons Heating and Air; Big Dog Auto Sales and 4E Cattle Company. I appreciate all they do for me.”

With the season now approaching the halfway mark, Evans has goals in mind for the coming months. 

“We don’t chase points anywhere, but we’re going after those wins, for sure,” he added. “We just like chasing trophies, and love to do well in the big-money races. There are a few of those on our calendar we’re hoping to knock off before the season is toast. It’s been a good first half, yet we have more to do.”

By Phil Whipple, Staff Writer
Photo by Stacy Kolar/Southern Sass