Day Motor Sports Driver Profile: Cody Beddoe finds pure joy in Victory Lane

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — One of the main reasons so many people from all walks of life choose to participate in this wonderful sport we call short track auto racing is a chance to experience the thrill of winning. It’s that inner desire to compete; to be the absolute best on any given Friday or Saturday night.

For 33-year-old Limited Modified racer Cody Beddoe, going after a victory was what drove him. It burned brightly within until last Saturday night, in his own back yard, right when he needed it most. Beddoe won the feature at Owen Pittman’s South Texas Race Ranch, and finally felt that elusive joy.

That raw emotion, the genuine appreciation for what it took to get him there, all made for a special and extended celebration.  

“I’ve been working to accomplish that goal since I started racing on dirt,” Beddoe said. “It wasn’t as much about proving to others that I could do it, but more about proving to myself I was capable. To finally get that first wins feels so great, it isn’t easy to describe. I finally got that monkey off my back.”

Now in his 14th year of racing, Beddoe, like so many others in South Texas, made the transition from asphalt to dirt. His hometown is an absolute hotbed of racing talent, and he paid his dues as you should.

“I got my start in the Bombers, kind of like a Pure Stock class for pavement,” he explained. “I didn’t stay in that class for very long. After I blew my engine one too many times, my Dad and I put a Sport Mod together to race on dirt and asphalt. 

“We kind of just hunkered down and stuck with the pavement side of things early on. When the car count started falling off, me and a couple of guys decided to start a tour around a few tracks in South Texas. We ran that series for about four years, but I finally got tired of the promotional side of it.”

Fortunately for fans throughout South Texas and points beyond, he chose to get back behind the wheel.

“In 2017, I made the move over to race on dirt. I had won a few features here and there on pavement, but in my opinion, the competition in the Limited Modified class is much higher on in dirt racing.”

We’ve discussed that level of competition in Limited Modified racing, particularly in North Texas, on these pages a number of times in the past. In the badlands of South Texas, it doesn’t get an easier. 

“I’ll admit, I seized the moment and celebrated a lot after that win because I don’t know when or even if it’s going to happen again,” Beddoe said. “Yes, I feel we’ve got a shot now anywhere we go, but there are so many strong guys in this class, it won’t be easy to win again. Everybody has stepped it up now.” 

When Beddoe grans his helmet, suits up and gets ready to compete, he climbs into a brand-new, state-of-the-art machine. It’s what it takes to go fast these days, especially if you have any hope of winning.

“I just got this new IRP chassis this year, Beddoe said with more pride. “We had some struggles with it last week and ended up with a broken rear-end, but it drives really well. It’s powered by a motor from Bruce Sanders at Ace Automotive Machine. 

“He built my Dad’s engines back in the 1980s and 1990s, so I decided to stay with him. He builds a heck of a powerplant, to be sure. This new IRP and power from Bruce is a great combination for us.” 

Along with his immense natural talent behind the wheel and savvy approach to each race, Beddoe also has some good people and a few fine companies on board to ensure his racing program stays on-track. 

“I want to thank my Dad, Bruce Beddoe; my Fiance, Emily, for dealing with my working on the car all the time; along with Rick Sinard and Losson Brooks. I couldn’t do this without my family and friends.”

“I also need to thank Nueces Brewing Company, Aramendia Motorsports, Vinco Plumbing and Flanagan’s Muffler Shop. I know Nueces Brewing has a big place on my car, but this win wouldn’t have been possible without help from Joe Aramendia. I’m truly grateful for his support and all my sponsors.”

With the new season now in full swing throughout the state of Texas, Beddoe has a clear goal in mind. 

“I really just want to stay consistent now,” he concluded. “We’ve found the speed it takes to win, now we need to keep the car dialed in for changing track conditions. We plan to travel around some, like over to Texana since it’s close and I plan to get up to I-37 and support what my friend Johnny Torres is doing up there. We’ll have a busy, fun year. Now, I’ve got a bit more confidence and spring in my step.”  

By Phil Whipple, RaceON.com Staff Writer
Photo by Rachel Plant