Day Motor Sports Driver Profile: Jerrett Bransom on a tear in 2022

BURLESON, Texas — It’s one thing to drive and maintain two race cars in one of the most competitive parts of Texas, but when you’re piling up wins and top-fives against top drivers, it’s a feat worth noting.

For 19-year-old rising star Jerrett Bransom, competing in the IMCA SportMod and Stock car divisions has allowed him to showcase his natural talent behind the wheel. After multiple wins and a track title in 2021, he’s on a tear once again this year with five wins and 19 top-fives in 23 starts. 

“Over the off-season, I spent a lot of time in the shop,” Bransom said. “I didn’t do much of anything else. My Dad was right by my side the whole time, helping me with everything. He and I continue to work on the cars every night, making sure they’re ready to go every time we go to the track.”

This soft-spoken, polite young racer came up through the ranks as you should, paying his weekly dues.

“I started out racing in Karts when I was four years old,” Bransom added. “When I turned nine, I got into the Junior Mini Stock class. I raced there until I turned 14, then I stepped up into an IMCA Stock Car. I won the Southern Region Rookie-of-the-Year award that year, which was pretty nice.

“I’ve won a couple of track championships in the Stock car at Kennedale. Last year, I won the points title in SportMods at Kennedale and Boyd, along with the Texas State title, as well. I’ve been very fortunate the past couple of seasons and am grateful for that level of success.”  

While Bransom makes wins and podium finishes look like child’s play, it truly isn’t in North Texas. 

“It’s never easy to run up front at Kennedale or Boyd,” he explained. “I think we have some of the best racers in the state at both tracks, especially KSP. Everyone says if you can win at Kennedale, you can win anywhere. You have to get up on the wheel and be ready to go when that green flag waves.”

When Bransom puts on his safety suit, grabs his helmet and prepares for battle, he has two very nice machines at his disposal. 

“We have a really nice Western Flyer chassis SportMod,” he explained. “Curtis Allen has been very helpful to us; every time we have a question he picks up the phone and tells us what to do to make it better. I have a Kevin Stoa engine in it, he’s also been very helpful to us.

“I have to Western Flyer chassis; one I race every week and one just as a backup car. I wouldn’t drive any other brand of SportMod. As for my Stock car, it’s 2017 chassis built in Southern Iowa. They don’t make them any more, so it’s obsolete. It’s been extensively updated by Demetrius Carter, so it’s fast.” 

Along with his immense natural talent behind the wheel and those top-notch cars, Bransom also has several key people and valued marketing partners who keep his program successful and on-track. 

“I need to thank my Mom and Dad; brother Jack, Grandfather and everyone else who helps me out,” Bransom said. “I couldn’t do this without their support. 

“I also want to thank our great partners, including Casting Designs Inc., American Carriers, Builder’s Supply, TNT Custom Homes, Spiller’s Electric, American Greenhouse, UFP Industrial, Kennedale Speedway Park and Boyd Raceway. They make this all possible and I appreciate all they do for me.”

With summer upon us and lots more racing just ahead, Bransom has his sights set squarely on one goal. 

“I’m going hard after that IMCA Southern SportMod National points title this year,” Branson said. “If I can earn the SportMod championship at KSP and Boyd, that would be awesome. But that National title is our primary focus this year. 

“We’ll just have to stay focused, keep us this pace and hope for the best.”

By Phil Whipple, Staff Writer
Photo by Mike Frieri