Day Motor Sports Driver Profile: Jude Allgayer gearing up for full slate on the ovals

EL CAMPO, Texas — In the past 20 years or so, the amount of young talent coming into short track racing has been notable. Not just at the national level, but on the regional and local scenes, as well. It bodes well for our sport’s future when a young boy (or girl) takes such a serious interest in oval racing.

For 11-year-old racer Jude ‘The Dude’ Allgayer, short track racing is much more than a way to pass the time with Dad. He’s excelled at every form of machine he’s driven, including 600cc Micro Sprints. In 2023, he competed in the Winged A Class Restricted, Non-Winged A Class, and also drove an EMod.

Last year, Jude earned three wins (Gulf Coast, Airport Raceway and Dodge City), six top-five and 23 top-10 finishes in 58 starts combined. Those are impressive numbers in a highly-competitive arena, and  he’s about to hit high gear in 2024. Hot off a solid effort at the Tulsa Shootout, he’s ready to go again.

“We struggled at first last year as we got used to a new car,” Jude said while reflecting on 2023. “But once we got it figured out and dialed in, the results began to improve. We finished sixth in National Micro points; I would have liked to have done better. We won a few races, so I’ll take it and move on.”

Allgayer is already in his eighth year of racing, having gotten an early start thanks to a dedicated father.

“He started out in Karts when he was just four and a half years old,” Jeff explained. “He ran the Youth division at first, then moved up to Juniors and later the Senior class. He won the points championship every year in every division from the time he started until he reached the Restricted Ark-La-Tex Series.

“He won five consecutive titles, which I thought was pretty amazing. He won the NOW 600 points championship in 2022, so we felt like it was time to move on. He wanted more of a challenge, so we ran for points on the National NOW 600 series last year. It was a little hectic, but he made big gains.”

Dad says his son put a big effort into it, with things really coming together late in the season.

“We were having a little trouble getting the new car figured out, so that kind of put us behind the eight ball the first part of the season. Once we started to click, there was no looking back. He came back from 23rd in points up to sixth by year’s end, which I thought was impressive.”

Most racing Dads who invest countless hours and cubic dollars into their son’s careers have a plan.

“Jude will be racing on asphalt for MCM Racing this year in a Pro Truck at Houston,” Jeff said. “He has really enjoyed racing on dirt, but wants to get some asphalt experience as well. He is hoping to compete in a NASCAR Truck one day, so it’s time to get familiar with pavement racing.

“We had talked this winter about where he might want to go in this sport down the road. He received an offer from a top-level Micro Sprint team and is weighing that option for 2024, as well. He has some good opportunities in front of him now, and those decisions won’t be taken lightly.”

When Jude puts on his safety suit and gets ready to race, he climbs into a very well-crafted machine.

“We have a Micro Sprint from former racing star Jake Hagopian at Driven Midwest,” Jeff explained. “It’s an amazing piece, it just took us a little while to adapt and get it figured out. The level of talent in that class right now is off the charts; we all saw that last month at the 39th annual Tulsa Shootout.”

Along with his immense natural talent behind the wheel and fast car, Allgayer also has tons of support.

“I want to thank all of the great people and companies who support my racing,” Jude said. “They include Septicfit, Brandt Farms, Erwin Construction, KR Promotions, Three 17 Awards, DAM Services, Allgayer, Inc., WR1 Sim Chassis; El Campo Parts, Joel’s Auto Sales and Lost Lagoon.

“I also need to thank Kenny Montgomery at KMO Racing; Driven Midwest, Nasty Cookers, MVT, Dalton Trucking, Clash at the County; Team BSI, and Texas Coast Limo Service. I appreciate their faith in me, and appreciate all they do for my program.”

With a brand new season now looming just around the corner, Allgayer is ready to suit up once again.

“I’m excited about the chance to drive a Pro Truck for MCM at Houston this year,” he said. “I’m also hoping we can work something out with the Micro team that called because I love racing those cars. I have a lot of racing ahead of me this year, both on dirt in Micros with Team BSI, and on the asphalt.

“My Dad was right, it took a minute to get that new car figured out last year. But we got it dialed in, and it’s pretty quick now. I’m hoping these great opportunities for this year work out and we can do both deals, but 2024 is going to be a really busy for us. I’m super excited to get racing again.”

By Phil Whipple, Staff Writer
Submitted Photo