Day Motor Sports Driver Profile: Lance Plant’s late start brings win at Devil’s Bowl

CANTON, Texas — While some racers across the great state of Texas have been racing since February or
even earlier this year, others are just getting started. While a few have already added a few wins and top
five to their resumes, most are still working to get their programs all lined out.

For 46-year-old veteran Modified driver Lance Plant, a late start may have been frustrating, but once he
hit the track – it was all smiles. Now starting his eighth year of racing, Plant finally hit the ground running
last Saturday night, and won the Modified feature at the famed Devil’s Bowl Speedway.

“It was kind of a last-minute decision to go last weekend,” he explained. “I thought it was going to rain
out, but I figured I would go and at least shake down the car and make a few laps. It didn’t rain, and after I
made some laps, I could tell the car was pretty strong.

“We got this new car before last season, but experienced an engine failure that really set us back. So it
took us a while to recover from that, but we’re all good on power now. That win meant so much, to be
able to show all of my supporters and sponsors I can still get it done. It was truly an amazing feeling.”
Unlike many of his rivals, Plant didn’t come up through the ranks in various divisions. He’s been behind
the wheel of a Modified his entire career, thanks to the influence of a childhood friend.

“I grew up with Max Eddie Thomas, one of this state’s top Modified drivers,” Plant said. “Max has been
extremely helpful to me in becoming a better driver. He’s taught me a ton about these cars, things you
need to know to succeed at this level. I’m blessed to call him a lifelong friend.”

You may remember when this highly-skilled wheel-man was locked in a tight points battle in Crandall.
“In 2021, I just missed winning the points championship at RPM Speedway,” Plant explained. “I lost it by
just 39 points after having a fantastic season. Chasing points is tough, but we almost pulled it off. That
was when Kevin Rogers and Kevin Sustaire ran the place, and they drew a lot of cars every week.

“We had the speed and consistency it takes to earn a title; but it’s just more fun racing to win.”
Plant lives roughly 45 miles east of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the hot-spot for short tracks in Texas.
“I have several tracks to choose from here, including all over North Texas and east into Louisiana and
Arkansas,” he explained. “I’m close to Devil’s Bowl in Mesquite, not far from Greenville, which is about
to reopen; fairly close to Rocket Raceway Park, and not all that far from Ark-La-Tex.

“And wherever we do unload, the competition in this division is very tough. Like last week, we may not
have had big numbers, but those who were there were fast. I’m racing against guys that have been in these
cars for 20 or 25 years, so it’s a challenge. But we’re learning, and making good progress.”

When Plant suits up and gets ready to go racing, he climbs into a very impressive machine.
“We have a 2022 MB Customs car here, and it’s a beautiful piece,” he said with pride. “We got it during
the 2021-22 off-season, and were getting it dialed in last year until the engine let go. This year we’ll get
the full potential out of this incredible machine, and I can’t wait. It takes good equipment at this level.
“As for horsepower, we have a 415 cubic inch USRA engine built by Gary Willeford at Bullets Racing
Engines in Mesquite, Texas. It has all the right parts and makes tons of power. We took it down to
Brandon Hightower at APE Racing Engines, he put it on the Dyno and tuned it up real nice. I’m extremely
happy and grateful for his expertise.”

Along with his impressive skills behind the wheel and top-notch car, Plant also has several key people and
sponsors on board his program to keep it all rolling smoothly.

“I have to thank A&H Electrical Services, who’ve been with me since Day 1; Dry Fork Custom Home
Builders, C2 Services, Xtreme Automotive Repairs, NorAm Expediting Trucking, MLH Racing Products,
Schaeffers Racing Oil, Day Motorsports, Swift Springs and CPD Racing Shocks.
“I also want to thank Dynamic Drivelines, Precision Powder Coating, Supreme Vinyl Works, Bullets
Racing Engines and Bulletproof Tees. I couldn’t do this without their support, and appreciate their faith in
me. I’ll also offer a big special thanks to my wife, Keely; kids Landon and Kyndall, and my Mom for the
sacrifices they make to let me chase a dream.”

Like any driver, Plant has a few valued friends who contribute when they can.
“I can’t forget to thank my crew that always pitches in to help; including Landon, Jacob, Shane and
Bryan. I sure appreciate their time, and I’ll remind our fans they can check out my social media pages
(Facebook, LancePlantRacing; YouTube, LancePlant29x) for merchandise.”

While he may have gotten a late start, there’s still ample time for Plant to make his mark.
“I just want to run as competitively as possible wherever we go,” he added. “It felt good to get that win,
but now we need to keep up the pace. I’m just thrilled to be back on-track and running well, which makes
racing a whole lot of fun. That win set the tone for what should be a great summer season.”

By Phil Whipple, RaceON.com Staff Writer
Photo by Steve Still Photography