Day Motor Sports Driver Profile: Rowdy Day on a tear in Limited Modifieds

GREENVILLE, Texas — No matter how much is written or discussed about the ultra-high level of competition in Limited Modifieds across North Texas and Southern Oklahoma, there’s always one guy who thinks he should win most of the races and completely obliterate a perfectly good theory. 

For 31-year-old Greenville native Rowdy Day, this division is merely a playground on which he can showcase his other-worldly talents and superior skills. In 15 starts this year, he’s earned 10 wins and 13 top-five finishes at four different tracks. That success defies logic, yet Day just keeps on tearing it up. 

“I think to be honest a big factor in this year’s success is the fact I have a really good crew,” Day said. “I have a group of guys who are with me almost everywhere we go, and that has really helped my racing program more than anything. Of course our sponsors are a big factor, as well, but people are key.

“My crew chief, he takes off from work to go wherever we’re racing. He keeps all the notes on the car, which is huge. It all comes down to documenting our setups and good feedback from me. That has really gone a long way in building this kind of momentum.”

If there ever was a driver from this region who could be labeled as versatile, it would be Rowdy Day. In a 15-year career behind the wheel, he’s enjoyed success in nearly everything out there. 

“My first race car was a Limited Modified,” Day explained. “I’ve been driving one most of my career, but I’ve also driven a Stock car. We won a lot of races in that, plus we won a few races in the USRA Modifieds. We’ve won in almost everything, with the exception of a Late Model and a Sprint Car. 

“I’ve never really won a points championship, mostly because I don’t chase points on a regular basis. I’ve always just chased the almighty dollar; I always run where the purse is highest. The biggest show we’ve won was up in Amarillo. That was a 50-lap feature that paid $10,000 to win, and we led all 50.”

No matter how easy he makes it look, Day says there are plenty of tough rivals anywhere he unloads. 

“We race hard for these wins no matter where we run,” he said. “There are plenty of fast guys out there at all four tracks where I’ve won this year. Not a one of them has come without a challenge. I have a lot of respect for all the drivers out there; you have fast cars wherever we go. It’s never as easy as it looks.

“I tell everybody, I’m not that guy who gets a big head or thinks he’s a head honcho. I’m just a normal guy that races and tries to do his best every week. We just give it all we have, and hope it’s enough.” 

When the ‘Greenville Dominator’ suits up and gets ready to race, he climbs into a very nice machine. 

“My car is a 2020 IRP built by Jason Ingalls,” Day explained. “We started doing well and really turning heads once we got into an IRP chassis. Jason builds a top-notch car that is second to none. He answers the phone if I ever need anything, and I try to give him feedback, as well. We help each other out. 

“We have 41 Shocks working their magic, I think Earl Baxter is just excellent. Between IRP and Wells Racing Engines, we have a potent combination. I’ve been very lucky with equipment this year, we’ve had zero failures. When USRA gave us a quick-change rear ends, it was the best move ever.”  

Along with his obvious and amazing natural talent behind the wheel, Day also has several key people and marketing partners in his corner who keep his program successful.

“I need to give a Special Thanks to my Mom, Dad, brother Bo, RJ and Rylee for their support. I also want to than my Crew Chief, David Clark; crew members Armin Ayers, Montana Clark, Cathy Clark, Dennis Brierton, Dalton Warren, Steven Cumpian, Joe Cumpian, Kultin Webber, Kurt Lane, Melvin McBride, Billy Cotton and Clayton Dhane. 

“I also need to thank our valued partners, including County Armory Inc., Quik-Latch Products, Quick Stop Tire Shop & Brakes, AMB Diesel Performance, SSCR Roofing & Construction, Pops Dirt Work, Dennis & Sons Automotive, Bo Day Racing/BDR; Campbell AC & Heating, Dirty Deeds Designs and Motorsports, IRP Race Cars and JD Installation. I couldn’t do this without them and value them all.”

With summer’s scorching heat already here, Day plans to keep up the heat on his competition, as well. 

“Right now, we’re just racing as much as we can,” Day added. “We’re looking forward to going to Iowa later this year to race with the B Mods in a five-night deal. There aren’t a lot of Limited Modifieds guys who have the courage to travel up there and race with those guys. 

“We’ve had a couple of B-Mod guys come down here and race with us, but I’m going to go up and try our luck and see if we can be competitive. That’s probably going to be our grand finale; but before that we’ll still run wherever they pay the best.  I’m gonna get it while the gettin’s good, and have some fun.”

By Phil Whipple, Staff Writer

Photo by Dalton Warren