The All new RaceON is Here!

If you’re going to set the pace, you change the name, and get a different mindset. Race On Texas streaming service changes name, and refreshes mission.

SPRING, Texas (February 22, 2024) — Today, the former Race On Texas website and Live streaming video service officially becomes the new RaceON, a re-branding that reflects the current landscape of customers, tracks & the desire to do what is needed in the industry to RaceON. Company co-owners Chris David and Harry Fair made the announcement official on Thursday.

David commented: “What is changing here is our actual business mindset. We aren’t here just to stream races, we are here to help the racing community. Marketing, awareness, and communication all need to improve if our sport is to continue thriving into the future. We’ll be working to promote this sport in a big way in 2024.” 

David also spoke about the industry as a whole; what it needs to prosper, and just what is changing within the company. 

“I also need to confirm to our subscribers that this name change and growth is just that; the company has not been sold, nor do we plan to sell it in the future. Harry and I will celebrate 10 years in business together with this effort on March 1. We’re proud of the controlled growth we’ve seen thus far.” 

From a humble beginning in 2014 filming races at Houston Motorsports Park, to adding Live events in 2016 and eventually growing beyond the confines of South Texas. The last three years, the company covered north of 400 races per year from all over the Southern Plains. And there’s more to come. 

Co-owner Harry Fair said “As we take this next step, I want to thank our entire staff for their hard work last year. It was hectic yet rewarding, and prepared us for the challenges ahead. Thanks to their talents and dedication, we’ll take this step with confidence.”

RaceON would like to offer a sincere thank you to the loyal supporters who have followed along in this journey since its inception. Without you, the fans and racers who appreciate this service, we would not exist. We dedicate this year’s expansion efforts to you, and ask for your continued support as we grow. 

Want to understand more about this and the upcoming changes? Watch Owners Harry Fair, Chris David, and Business Development Director Aaron Brungot dive deeper into what’s really happening. Click here to watch! or listen at any of your favorite podcast platforms