Day Motor Sports Driver Profile: Cameron Furrh breaks out with big win at Boothill

GLADEWATER, Texas — When you compete against the best Factory Stock drivers in the Deep South, your chances at winning features may be slim, at best. It’s no secret the Ark-La-Tex region has big skills within its borders; guys with years of experience and top-notch equipment in their trailers. 

Yet for 24-year-old racer and car builder Cameron Furrh, those tall odds are not insurmountable. In fact, the young hotshoe just held off Chase Hatton and a host of others to claim his first career Factory Stock victory at Boothill Speedway this past Saturday night. It was, by any measure, a big deal.  

“That win was absolutely huge for me and this race team,” Furrh said. “Me and my friend Alex have been shooting for a win at Boothill for a long while. Last Saturday night, we had a pretty decent car. We had some luck in the Heat race; but in the feature, Chase (Hatton) had a really fast car.

“He’s hard to beat, but we held it out front and brought it on home. We had opened our 2024 season at Hunt County Speedway, but didn’t have very good luck. So this was only our second start, and it sure felt good to score a win this early. It sets the tone for what we’re hoping is a successful season overall.” 

Furrh has enjoyed a fair amount of success in our sport since he first climbed behind the wheel. 

“I got my start in the Beginners class at Lone Star Speedway back in 2014,” he explained. “I stepped up to the Factory Stocks in 2016. It’s taken a while to really make any significant progress, but now we’re beginning to get a handle on it. 

“I’m excited about having Lone Star come back to life this year. It’s close to the house, and I have about 10 feature wins there over the years. A lot of us cut our teeth there, then were forced to move on when it closed or find a new hobby. I have a lot of fond memories there from when I first started out.” 

No matter where he unloads that sharp No. 1* entry, Furrh knows he’ll have his work cut out for him. 

“That old saying of having to ‘Beat the best to Be the Best’ certainly fits in this area,” he said. “I always wanted to run with the top guys, learn from them and try to improve my own program. Well, every time we unload around here, especially over at Boothill, all of the big guns are right there, loaded for bear. 

“So it forces you to work  little harder, to get that setup just right before you go out for Hot Laps, and to keep up with changing track conditions all night so you can stay up front. A lot of guys here are very skilled at that, and it shows in their results. I’m just hoping our next win comes a little easier.” 

When Furrh puts on his safety suit and gets ready to race, he climbs into a machine he built himself.  

“I drive a 2020 Predator Race Car,” he explained. “My partner Alex Williams and I own the company together, and love what we do. So my car is probably the oldest one we have, but the one Alex drives is a 2024, with our newest design features. It’s a very nice piece.  

“I used to build cars a little when I was like, only 15 or 16. Me and my Dad would play around in the shop. We didn’t really start taking this stuff seriously until three or four years ago. Then me and my buddy Alex started this company, and we’re out here every night, busting tail building cars for people.” 

With all of their efforts and hard work in the shop, customers began to reap the rewards with results. 

“In 2022, our PRC cars earned 16 wins; and last year, they won 24 races. So we’re making some decent progress. I think we have eight of them out there on the track now, so we’re doing pretty well. It’s a source of great pride for both Alex and myself. We hope more teams will consider PRC in the future.” 

Along with his natural driving skills and top-notch car, Furrh also has ample support in his corner. 

“I have a lot of good people and businesses to thank, including Alex Williams at Adub Motorsports and Predator Race Cars; Eric Martin at PRC; Chris White at MoBags Suspension; Danny Furrh at CAMCO Heating & AC and Boone Engines; Amy Bradley at Amy’s Place; Chris Wheaterford at e7 Motorsports; my uncle, Stacy Furrh, and Jessie James at Eagle Motor Sports. 

“I also need to thank Zane and Gary Dent at 3D Motorsports; Dale Bradley at The Bradley Clinic; my wife and two children for letting me do this; East Texas Lashes, and most importantly, Jesus Christ, because I couldn’t do this without Him. I’m truly blessed with a great family and tons of support.” 

With warm summer conditions and the meat of racing season just around the corner, Furrh knows what he wants to accomplish. 

“We’re going to try and hit up every race we can this year at Boothill and Ark-La-Tex,” he added. “As I said earlier, I’m excited to see Lone Star reopen this year, so we’re going to try and get to as many races there we can, as well. 

“We have our eyes on one big show in particular. I’ve had it on my mind for a couple of years now, and that’s the Cajun Classic. I really want a win in that one; so that’s the main goal for this year. We’ll be at all of the other races, but a victory in the Classic would be icing on the cake if we could pull it off.” 

By Phil Whipple, RaceON Staff Writer
Photo by Chaz Brzeski