Frequently Asked Questions

We want everyone to have a great experience, so we put together this information to help. Please go through this information BEFORE contacting us, as many times these steps will resolve your issue. We will go through these same steps if you contact us.

  1. Verify your subscription is active by logging in and viewing your profile. The platform will advise if you need to update your payment information to reactivate your subscription.
  2. Close and reopen the browser window or app to allow the player to load again.
  3. If possible, switch to a different browser or app. For example, if watching on the phone app, check on your computer browser.
  4. Make sure your internet connection is good, many times a connection blips, but will reconnect. Run a speed test by going here -> SPEED TEST  Ideally, 5mbps is a minimum download speed required to watch a live event without buffering.
  5. Smart TV’s have many different software versions. Some TV built-in browsers work without issue, others do not. We cannot provide support for these. We recommend using one of our many native apps built specifically for IOS, Roku, Apple TV, or Android. Search any of these app stores and click install!
  6. Try a different device altogether. Sometimes, there are software versions, plugins, or something that is keeping your device from watching correctly. Another device may not have this particular problem.

    If you seem stuck, reach out to us via the blue chat bubble in the corner of the website page or visit our contact page.

Our membership provides all of our regular content for one monthly price. This includes 350+ live events a year, replay anytime, behind the scenes and other exclusive content, interviews, podcasts, giveaways and more! We also give you the option to support your local track. Sign up on the web and select the track you support. We have a long list of member tracks in our revenue share program. We feature more races every year, in more areas. Your membership will give you a unique chance to support your favorite track. Some races might require a separate one time PPV purchase.

We recommend reaching out to your track promoter and letting them know about our revenue share program and your interest in seeing their races on our platform. We take pride in being easy to work with and know they will see a benefit in a long term partnership.

We hate to see you go, but we understand and hope you come back. If you purchased a subscription on our website, you must cancel there within your user profile. If you purchased a subscription on any of our apps, you must cancel within that specific app. App stores do not provide us access to manage these subscriptions. Read our full cancellation policy here -> Cancel Policy

No, OnDemand subscriptions do not include live events and are replay only. You can easily upgrade anytime to watch live events.

NOTE: Your OnDemand subscription is considered a legacy subscription and grandfathered as we do not offer this for purchase as of January 2024. If your OnDemand subscription expires for non-payment or is canceled, you will not be able to reactivate it.

No, our website security only allows for your login to be used by one device at a time.

Our platform will convert the video for replay as quickly as possible. Live events are typically available within a few hours of the end of the event. Legacy OnDemand subscribers will have access to the videos on Tuesday.

All upcoming events are visible on our calendar here -> Calendar. You can also set reminders so you don’t miss any of the action!

We upload every lap of every race we film. If you aren’t sure if we filmed an event, please reach out via our contact page. Occasionally, we offload much older content to make room for the new! If you can’t find a specific event, we will track it down.

Sorry, we no longer produce any DVD’s.

We would love to work on promoting your brand and have several options available for any budget. Please send us a message via the blue chat bubble in the corner of the website page or visit our contact page.

We are faster with chat, but would love to talk with you over the phone. Please reach out via our contact page and leave your phone number and some details.

Send us a message via the blue chat bubble in the corner of the website page or visit our contact page.